Understanding and Managing the Spread of a New Canine Respiratory Illness

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The dog world is currently facing a significant challenge with the emergence of a highly contagious upper respiratory infection. This illness, spreading across the United States, has raised concerns among pet owners and veterinarians alike …

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Mysterious Respiratory Illness Draws Concern

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Dog owners across the United States, particularly in Illinois, are facing a perplexing challenge: a mysterious respiratory illness affecting dogs, drawing significant concern from veterinarians and pet owners alike …

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Gobble Gobble, Meow Meow

Posted on Thu 16 November 2023 in update • Tagged with podcast, wellness, thanksgiving, holidays, cats

Oshi Cairns

This podcast episode titled "Gobble Gobble, Meow Meow" from "19 Cats and Counting" features Dr. Kelly Cairns, who is the VP of medical excellence at Thrive Pet Healthcare clinics. In this episode, Dr. Kelly shares her expertise on cats, focusing on the winter holiday season. She discusses various aspects of …

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Should You Be Using Cat Litter Made of Tofu

Posted on Tue 17 October 2023 in update • Tagged with tofu, litter, cats, consumereports

Oshi Cairns

Should You Be Using Cat Litter Made of Tofu?

Box to Box

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The popularity of tofu has expanded beyond the kitchen to include tofu cat litter, promoted as a water-soluble, flushable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional clay and silica-based litters. As many TikTok users praise this new product …

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Beyond the hairball!

Posted on Fri 28 July 2023 in update • Tagged with podcast, hairball, senior, cats

Oshi Cairns

Beyond the Hairball – When is Vomiting a Problem?

f you have cat (or two), you’ve no doubt stepped in something squishy in the middle of the night. Or you’ve ran a sprint trying to get your cat onto the floor as he is preparing to cough one up …

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Does Your Cat have Pandora Syndrome

Posted on Mon 17 July 2023 in update • Tagged with podcast, wellness, pandora syndrome, cats

Oshi Cairns

Cats that are prone to being high strung often suffer from Pandora Syndrome, take longer to recover, and tend to get re-afflicted with urinary issues over and over again. Join Linda and Rita as Dr. Kelly tells them about Pandora Syndrome, and how you can best help those anxious cats …

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Experts give tips on getting your pets ready for hurricane season

Posted on Sat 03 June 2023 in news • Tagged with abc, wfts, tampa, hurricane, wellness


PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — When holding a dog as lovable as Twinkie, things can get slightly sloppy.

“She loves to play. She’s very social. And she just loves everybody," said Friends of Strays Adoption Manager Krista Loveless.

Loveless said microchipping is the best way to ensure dogs like Twinkie don …

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No more scaredy cats! Local animal hospital embraces "fear free" approach: Ready Pet GO!

Posted on Wed 24 May 2023 in news • Tagged with wkyc, cleveland, thrive, fear-free


Let's face it: a vet visit can turn even the happiest, most confident creatures into a quivering ball of nerves. How animal care is dispensed has evolved in the last several decades. Lyndhurst Animal Clinic is among those embracing the change.

Once afraid of the scale and stethoscope, Bender now recognizes the vet's office as a safe place to be.

"Fear Free was founded by Dr. Marty Becker in …

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