Feline Diabetes

Posted on Wed 17 April 2024 in update

Oshi Cairns

Dr. Kelly Cairns joins Rita and Linda to talk about cats and diabetes. This podcast dives deep into the world of feline diabetes with our resident expert, Dr. Kelly Cairns. Feline diabetes is a surprisingly common condition, affecting roughly 1 in 500 cats, often triggered by factors like obesity. Cats, being the masters of disguise, can often hide the early signs of this disease, which include increased thirst, hunger, and excessive urination. In today's episode, Dr. Cairns will address some of the most pressing questions for cat owners: What are the signs to watch for? Is there a cure? Can the disease be prevented? What changes will need to be made to your cat’s diet? And, crucially, can you manage this condition at home, or are regular vet visits necessary? Tune in to this informative session that could very well be a lifesaver for your furry friend. Don’t miss it!

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