Beyond the hairball!

Posted on Fri 28 July 2023 in update

Oshi Cairns

Beyond the Hairball – When is Vomiting a Problem?

f you have cat (or two), you’ve no doubt stepped in something squishy in the middle of the night. Or you’ve ran a sprint trying to get your cat onto the floor as he is preparing to cough one up… Yes, we’re talking about every cat owner’s nemesis – the dreaded hairball… Somehow, it’s become an accepted fact that cat’s vomit, and do so often. But is it normal? Is it nothing to worry about? Or should we be concerned when our cats cough up hairballs, undigested food, and the icky clear stuff that we all hate wiping up…

Dr. Kelly Cairns of Thrive Pet Healthcare is here to talk about cat hairballs and the assorted other types of cat vomit and when should be concerned enough to call our veterinarians.

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